Why We Are Here | by Ava Lorena Casanueva

My name is Ava, I'm 8 years old and I live in Bend, Oregon. I'm writing a book to answer a question I'm looking for the answer to:
Why are we here? I'm interviewing the kids at my school, people in retirement homes, everyone I meet, and with the help of the internet, people all over the world to find different answers. Half of the money from my book sales will help feed hungry families.

P.S. Don't forget to answer the question yourself, down below, to be included in my book.

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"Why Are We Here?" (don't forget your age + city)

Answers I Loved

Love Eachother

"I think we are here to live. If we weren't here, animals, water, space and more could never be researched. There might not even be life. There would be no humans, you and I wouldn't be here. There would be no plants to take care of, no animals to play with and care for, and most importantly, no family to love. We are here to live, and to take care of God's creations and love one another."


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- Annika, 4th Grade, Bend, OR

God's Angels

"We are here because God wouldn't have any angels if we weren't."


- Hannah, 4th Grade, Bend, OR

God was Lonely

"We are here because God was lonely. So he created the earth, the people, the animals, light and dark. So that's why we are here."


- G. 4th Grade, Bend, OR

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